No Need to Worry

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No Need to Worry

Worry is when you take God’s problems and make them your own. It’s when you personalize (make them all about you) and internalize your problems (i.e. take them personally, as if God has done something against you).

If you really believe that you have made it to where you are by God’s grace alone, why is it that when things turn negative, you leave God out of the picture? Is it because you believe that the negative aspects of life have nothing to do with Him? Or do you believe that He simply can’t handle them?

If it was God who took the Israelites out of Egypt (Exodus 12:42) and later led them straight into a “trap” known as the shores of the Red Sea, surely it’s because He had a plan for the Red Sea (Exodus 14:1-4).

Allow me to submit to you that your stress and anxiety has come as a result of taking God out of the equation. In other words, now that there is a problem in your life, you suddenly believe that you have singlehandedly brought yourself to your current condition in life. Well, I’ve got news for you! Regardless of whether the problem in your life is of your own doing or not, you will not have the solution either way, just as no human being possesses the solution to the sin problem that we created for ourselves in Eden.

God is the solution provider in every circumstance, hence why He had to send His Son to die for us, because we would never have been able to save ourselves from the problem we had created by not listening to God in the first place.

Another reason why you are probably worrying is that, though you profess to love God, you actually don’t have confidence in His love. If you had confidence in Him, you would know that He would never set you up for failure, or leave you alone in your hour of need.

The night I received this inspiration, I found myself unable to sleep in the early hours of the morning, seeking for a solution to a problem I did not create–a problem which had come as the result of making a decision to obey my Father in heaven.

In the depth of my thoughts, God whispered to me. He said, “My daughter, why are you not asleep? Do you realize that the actual problem that you are facing right now is not the Red Sea? The problem is you. You profess to know me. You talk about Me as if you know me, but now that I am giving you a practical test, you do not have confidence in Me or My love.”

When I heard that, my mind went straight to the exodus of the Israelites. God said to me, “Remember the Israelites when they were facing the Red Sea. They did not know Me, even though I had taken them out of Egypt; hence, they panicked. But Moses, who did know Me, was calm. He heard and believed Me when I told him that the children of Israel would be fine.”

“In your worry right now, I want you to look at yourself, because the problem is not the Red Sea. The Red Sea is My problem. The problem you actually need to be focusing on is your difficulty to have confidence in my love. That difficulty is because we actually do not have the relationship that you are professing to have. Our relationship is superficial, and hence you are struggling to trust Me as your God.”

“So then My daughter, your prayers need to change, because they are misdirected. I as your God, as your Father, need you to pray to Me for a deeper relationship than this lip service you’ve been paying. I want a better thing between us. I want all of you, inside and outside.”

Those were God’s words to me.

It was from this conversation with Him that I realized my problem was not what I thought it was; my problem was an issue of trust. From a very early age, the Devil had introduced scars into my life–scars affecting how I trusted, to the point where I didn’t even know how to trust the very person I needed to trust the most in life: my Father in heaven. As a result of this conversation, I made a decision to pray to God, to seek to know Him, and to have confidence in His love.

If you find yourself sleepless at night, pondering a frustrating problem in your life, stop to analyze what, if anything, it is humanly possible to do about said problem. Once you have exhausted that avenue of thought, ask yourself: Why is it so difficult for me to hand my problem over to the One who can see where my eyes cannot see? Your response to that question is the one which will determine your actual problem, which is probably the one you should be praying for in the first place.

Ask God to help you develop confidence in Him and in His love, because it is in that confidence that your freedom from worry lies. This confidence comes from knowing Him. This confidence gives us a freedom that sets us free from all the ailments which come with worry. Remember that the Bible tells us that our lack of knowledge is what leads us to perish (Hosea 4:6, Proverbs 10:21, Proverbs 5:23, & Job 36:12).

Ask God for a Moses-type level of relationship, and be willing to obey His instructions, even when they do not make logical sense, because it is in that level of intimacy that our confidence lies, and in which we may have calmness in any type of storm.

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About the author

Neliswa Chigudu

Neliswa Chigudu is a 36-year-old Adventist author and evangelist residing in Johannesburg, South Africa. She has a passion for writing, and for making a difference in the lives of people through sharing the living Word, and through giving talks in churches.  She is married with two children.